Treehouse Ideas

Treehouse Ideas

treehouse inspiration

We are working on a treehouse at the farm - can't wait for y'all to see it!  I'm working on some ideas for the design of the space, and the interior.  I've started a pinboard here with some spaces I've found inspiring, and here is a collection of items that capture the feel we are going for!

Sources for above: (1) Cranbrook Fan; (2) Cuckoo Clock; (3) Dipped Ladder; (4) Boy Scout Pennant; (5) Evergreen Sign; (6) Vintage Smokey Postcard; (7) Vintage Rackets; (8) Camp Chairs; (8) Table; (9) Lamp; (10) Phases of the Moon Chart; (11) Periodic Table Chart; (12) Tiger Rug; (13) Wood Badge Award; (14) Bookshelf


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