tips for a family friendly den

kid friendly living spaceI posted recently about a few updates to this space, and now we have a couple of more updates, and I wanted to share a few things that make it work really well with the kiddos.  We spend a lot of time in here playing, and it's where the girls watch an afternoon show, have snacks, and typically hang out while I cook, so it's in heavy use by the little ones.

(Pictured above: Pouf; Tray; Van Walker; Rug; Media Stand; Camellia Print; Letter Board; Planter)

kid friendly living spaceIt's not always easy to create a space that feels lovely to both adults and little ones, so here are some tips that are making it work for us.

(Pictured above: Pink Pillows; Gold Pillow; Stripe Pillow; Prints framed via Framebridge; Shelves; Sconce; Record Player)

kid friendly living space

(1) Storage: Provide plenty of storage for quick stashing of toys and books, etc.  We have a basket, and these shelves on the wall.  The shelves are great for records, but also are perfect for putting away any stray books.

kid friendly den

The drawers under the banquette are also great for games and such to keep them out of sight!

kid friendly den

(2) Put kid stuff at kid level.  I often get questions about the piece under the TV and whether or not the kids get into and the answer is that they do.  Just go ahead and lean into and store their items there.  I honestly think it looks sweet, and it's our reality for this season.  We really don't have much that needs to stay out of reach, which leads me to my next point . . .

kid friendly den(3) Put the non-kid friendly stuff out of reach.  We keep the apple remote (which is the only one we use) behind that candle to keep it away from Ellie, and I put anything that I love but that the kiddos could break on these shelves.  (They are made from these ikea brackets that I spray painted and then paired with some re-claimed wood).

kid friendly den(4) Consider a pouf and a tray for a coffee table.  This room is a frequent pass through (that door leads to the sunroom and exterior door that we use every time we come in/leave the house) so we needed something that wouldn't be a tripping or boo boo hazard.  The pouf works great - it's soft, works as an ottoman, Ellie can climb on it safely, and it works great as a coffee table when you just simply place a tray on top.

kid friendly den(5) Don't be afraid to use a "kid" rug.  We used this one from the Land of Nod, and I love it.  It's made to withstand lots of traffic and wear, and it's also fun and playful without being too juvenile.  In a perfect world, I'd go for a larger rug that fills the space and goes under the table, but my kids drop too much food, crumbs, etc. so I'd rather wipe up or sweep the floor than have the rug get overly stained.  This smaller size is just the right size to soften up the space and floor, and is the perfect little landing pad for EJ.

kid friendly living roomI also recently added this letter board, which is super fun for displaying verses we are learning, things we have planned for the weekend, or just a thought.  Vivi loves reading it, and it's a great way to make a space feel personal!

So, there you go - I know it can be tricky when you are trying to blend kid and adult spaces, but I think it can be done well if you're willing to compromise a little here and there!






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