a playspace at the farm

with RH Baby & Child

playroom inspiration

Our family has a farm in South Georgia where my grandparents, parents, and other family members live.  It's where we go to spend time with family, and get some fresh air, and we have a farmhouse there where we stay and have family gatherings for birthdays, Christmas, Thanksgiving, and such.  It's such a happy space, and we love being there, but with the recent additions of more small family members, we have had to re-work the space a bit to accommodate the little people!

(shown above: l'ecole adjustable play table, pascal camp play chairs, zig zag weathered denim rug,  workshop storage bench, fordson steel large pendant, surplus play tent)

playroom inspiration

I was thrilled to get to work with RH Baby & Child to create some spaces that blend in with the rest of the house, while also providing kid-friendly details that will keep them entertained while we cook, visit, or work on projects.  Their aesthetic is perfect for this part of the house, where we have lots of heart pine, spruce lined walls, and a huge brick fireplace.

(sources: white illuminated star, dandelion bean bag,  mini club chairs, spool side table,  raccoon portrait, cloud wool rug,  cream chunky braided wool rug, faux fur throw, wood book display shelves)

playroom inspiration

In the center of the main room is a large brick fireplace and mantel, flanked by columns from my great-grandmother's house.  We have two couches, which are great for visiting, and that weller game table is the perfect centerpiece.  I can see us having lots of family board games here - they will definitely be on the Christmas list!  The girls (Vivi especially!) are taken with the chalkboard top, and she and Chip have been having endless tic tac toe tournaments, her favorite.  The cody denim rug is just gorgeous, and I have no doubt it will hold up well to the heavy traffic and hard playing that it will endure!  The night sky map is also a favorite of mine, as we can see the stars so well down there because of the lack of city lights!

(If you like that print over the fireplace, it's from a vintage postcard I've been holding onto that I printed out large format.  I'll be sending out the file in the newsletter this week so you can make your own - so sign up if you haven't!)

I'm also pretty crazy about that gorgeous portrait of my mother.  It's just beautiful.

Be sure to check back tomorrow to see how we added Christmas touches to the mantel!

playroom ideas

Behind the couches, there is a little nook under the stairs that we weren't really using.  We turned it into a little reading/playspace, and it's so dreamy.  Putting down that rug made all the difference; it is so cushy and wonderful for lounging.  We added that cloud rug for a little extra coziness, and the littles seem to love that it's a space just for them.

playroom ideas

My father helped me make that shelf similar to this one and it's so great for storing little treasures.  I didn't intend for this to happen, but it's short enough for Vivi, but too tall for Henry or Brigette, and I think she is grateful to have a little space only she can reach.  (I might have to do this at home, too!)  How cute is that vintage style camera?

playroom ideas

Of course I can never get enough of Sharon Montrose's art, and that little guy is perfect, since we have quite a lot of them around here.

playroom ideas

I made that little chalkboard with plywood, and my dad made the frame.  I love the schoolhouse green color, and it goes so well with the book shelves!

playroom ideas

And aren't these chairs just adorable?  The girls love that they are their size!!

playsroom ideas

playroom inspiration

Lastly, that star is so magical!  It makes the perfect glow, especially at night.

playroom ideasOn the other side of the room, behind the kitchen, we put together this little crafting/play area.  It's also a super cute place for them to have snacks, and they love it!  The camp chairs are just adorable for the camp-y feel, and the play table is adjustable.  It comes with two sets of legs, so when the kids are taller, we can switch them out, and it will still be just the right height.

(also shown: you are my sunshine print, synonym flashcard art)

playspace inspirationThe storage bench is great for holding extra books, craft supplies, and what not.  It's easy to just put things away when playtime is over.  RH Baby & Child also put really nice rubber pads on the bottom, so there are no worries about the metal legs scratching the wood floors.  I strung up a clothesline across the window, which is perfect for displaying artwork!

playroom ideas

playroom ideasI think this rug might be my favorite (although it's hard to say!).  The colors are just so beautiful, and it works as a neutral, even though it has so many pretty shades of blue in it.  It's a great playroom rug!

playroom ideasThe tent is also such a fun play space, too, and the twinkly little star lights are the perfect touch (I'm pretty much crazy about these lights!).

playroom ideasWe are so happy with how it all came together!  Come back tomorrow to see all the Christmas touches we added!  I can't wait to spend time here over the holidays.

playroom ideas

Thank you so much to RH Baby & Child for working with me to put this together!  We are so grateful, and I love getting to the opportunity to work with brands who inspire creativity and imagination, especially among the little set.

(Products were provided by RH Baby & Child for this post, and all the thoughts, opinions, and enjoyment had putting this together are my own.)



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