Summer Mom Must Haves for the Pool and the Beach

Summer Mom Must Haves for the Pool and the Beach

mom friendly bathing suitsSo, summer is officially here, and with it, the obligation to wear swimsuits to the pool and beach with our kids.  It's always a bit of a struggle finding suits I really love, but I've found two this year that make me feel cute and confident while I'm chasing the little people around.  Best of all, I don't feel self conscious like I need a cover-up all the time.  I can walk around the pool and be ready to jump in at any minute - so good, right?  They are both technically swim dresses, but have details that make them feel anything but grandma.

(pictured above: Laser Cut Swim Dress; Birkenstocks; Hair Scarf; Heart Sunnies)

I have found that having thoughtful accessories that are fun also help; I feel more pulled together and ready to manage water outings with the littles.  Below is a roundup of some of my favorites:

mom must haves for the beach

(1) Head scarf (this one has wire in it, so it's easy to style and keep in place!);

(2) EVA Birkenstocks (I love these! Got them for the beach, and they are so cute, comfy, and waterproof!);

(3) Red Swim Dress (I have it in seersucker, which is sold out, but the other colors are so good, too! It has a plunging neckline to balance out the little skirt!);

(4) Beach Radio (keeps your phone dry!);

(5) Polaroid Camera (Vivi has an instax, and I adore the nostalgia inducing photos it produces - such fun mementos of sunny days with little people!);

(6) Sun Visor (these are so easy to put on, and great if you have lots of hair, or big head, ha!);

(7) Aloha Towel;

(8) Heart Sunnies;

(9) Purple Sunnies;

(10) Pixi Sun Mist (I love this! It's so light and easy to put on!  Feels so fresh and light!);

(11) Grapefruit Cooler (I have two Bando cooler bags, and love them!  They are so great for carrying beach essentials and also keep snacks and drinks cool!);

(12) Glitter Water Bottle (extra inspiration to stay hydrated!)




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