Stranger Things Inspired Baby Room

vintage inspired baby room

Ok, who is getting excited about tomorrow night, and the release of season 2 of Stranger Things?  I'm a lot excited, maybe a little too much . . . but couldn't resist putting together some room inspiration based around the nostalgic, warm tones of those early 1980's interiors that look so much like my childhood.  Keep the walls white to make it modern - maybe go crazy, and get some paneling to install over the walls, and paint it white (you don't want to go too kitschy) for a nice little nod to this cozy, vintage inspired space.  While this board is full of 80's inspired decor, it's also pretty spot on right now with hints of rust and velvet.  That gorgeous art piece is a bit spendy, so you could skip it and just get that clash poster (or some other rad vintage poster) framed for an eye catching piece over the crib.

Sources: (1) Flush Mount Light; (2) Zenith Mirror; (3) Eagle Needlepoint; (4) Messy Thicket Painting; (5) The Clash Poster; (6) You Make Me Print; (7) Triangles; (8) Velvet Pillows; (9) Cocoa Crib; (10) Terrazo Lamps; (11) Stria Dresser (but really a vintage piece would be ideal!); (12) Camper Poster; (13) Triceratops Planter; (14) Copper Chair; (15) Plaid Blanket; (16) Wicker Owl Basket; (17) Ravati Rug; (18) Plaid Sheets; (19) Sunburst Rug (would look great layered!)


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