A Quick and Easy Fireplace Makeover

easy fireplace tile makeover (This post is sponsored by The Home Depot.)

I’m so excited to share this project with y’all today. I have long been thinking about replacing the tile around our fireplace; I think it is original to the house (from 1948!), and while that is pretty neat, many of the tiles are cracked and broken and the grout has fallen out in a few places.

fireplace before makeoverAlso, I was really tired of the super glossy black tiles. It felt like a very dark hole in the room, and I have tried over and over to work with it, but it just feels like it kind of sucks the light out of the room. I talked with a contractor about replacing the tile, but the project was going to be very pricey, and he was concerned about the tile around the mantel. He said it could end up being a really challenging project, which sounded a bit ominous to me.

peel and stick tiles for fireplaceHowever, enter these clever little peel and stick tiles! The Home Depot contacted me about a tile project, and I was more than happy to take it on, as it was the perfect solution for my tile issues. These peel and stick tiles have a high end look, but are incredibly easy to install. As in, all I needed were the tiles, some sharp scissors and a utility knife, and then you literally peel and stick the tiles to the surface!

peel and stick tiles fireplace makeover

easy fireplace makeover peel and stick tilesThese Smart Tiles are available in a variety of colors and patterns (including a white subway tile, which I considered for this). I ended up going with this medium gray (Metro Grigio), because I didn’t want it to feel like too much contrast. The gray is the perfect color to lighten up the space, but still feel warm.

super easy fireplace tile makeoverI chose a morning when all my girls were at school, and tackled this project all by myself. It took me about an hour to get it all the peel and stick tiles in place (go here to see the step by step process!), and I’m so happy with the refreshed look. The gray complements the walls so perfectly, and it’s so much brighter in the room now! It’s such an easy way to take on a tile project without all the mess and hassle. It also works great for a bathroom or kitchen backsplash, too, as a way to update your space without as much expense.

Below is a little before and after, so you can see how it transformed the space!

super easy fireplace peel and stick tile makeoverCheck out all the color ways available here! Where could you use these peel and stick tiles to update your home? Would love to hear!

easy fireplace tile makeover

Thank you so much to The Home Depot for sponsoring this post! I love working with sponsors who inspire creativity!



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