laundry and mud room inspiration

laundry and mud room inspiration

I am SUPER excited about this project.   It's something I've been wanting to do for quite some time, and finally we can make it happen.  Currently, our washer and dryer are in the basement utility room (which is pretty much the equivalent of walking down into a dark, sad cave), and our washer and dryer are less than stellar.  As in, I frequently have to run the dryer three times to fully dry a load.  Which also means that I end up re-washing loads often because it's just not that easy to get down there and make it happen, or I forget because it's out of sight/out of mind.

So, our plan is to move everything into the sunroom.  We're excited to have a sponsor for some super fun flooring, which is helping us get this going.  We haven't yet settled on which washer and dryer to go with (would love any suggestions!), but I'm planning to make it into a more organized mudroom / laundry room that our family can utilize really well.  The sunroom right now is the landing space for boxes / shoes / items that have nowhere to go, and I can't wait to have it more put together.

Sources: Vortice Chandelier; Sconces; Don't Give Up Flag (so fitting for a laundry room, right?); Shelves; Georgia Pennant; Pink Globe; Washer & Dryer; Dipped Ladder; Giraffe Hamper; Wall Hooks; Vintage Tennis Rackets; Hippo Hamper; Principal Bench; Cheshire Baskets; Dusen Dusen Chair; Black & White Rug; Small Table


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