great transitional mom outfits for spring

It's starting to really feel like spring there (just hoping it doesn't get too hot yet) and here are a few items on heavy rotation right now!  Just thought I'd share because some of these are on sale!  These earrings have become a quick favorite, and make any outfit feel more pulled together.

(pictured above: flutter sleeve shirt (on sale!), jeans, my FAVE cheap sunglasses; earrings)

This bomber jacket is so fun, and inexpensive - perfect for this transitional weather!  I love the polka dots!

Above: bomber jacket, courier shirt (I LOVE this one - so easy to wear!), jeans, vans)

Here is that jacket again - so fun, right?  Sadly this dress is sold out, but here and here are similar ones!

(Bomber Jacket, Earrings, Shoes)

Last up, I love this tee.  It's pretty simple, but has a fun retro style, and it's easy to wear!

(Tee, Jeans, Booties)

Anyway, there ya have it!  Check out my whole silly dance on IG, if you are wondering why the crazy poses.


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