Gift Guide for Little Girls, ages 2-6

Gift Guide for Little Girls, ages 2-6

Here is a roundup of my gift favorites for the littler set (be sure to check out my big girl gift guide here)! Hopefully this will be helpful to any of you who are struggling . . .

(1) Rainbow Sparkly Headband - because, of course.

(2) Market Stand - This thing is so cute, a good size, and not too much. All the adorable accessories are separate, so you might have to pick and choose, but I love everything Le Toy Van makes. All of their toys are so darling and imaginative.

(3) Crown Ear Warmer - so cute!

(4) Fancy Elsa Shoes.

(5) The Cutest Thing Ever - such a cute book!

(6) Hello Kitty Helmet.

(7) Timber Tots Playset - this is SO adorable and nostalgic! I love that it also spans a range of ages - my three year old and my six year old love it!

(8) Pink Keyboard - for lots of noisy fun.

(9) T.O.T.S pony carrier - this thing is so cute, and my girls love carrying around the pony or other animals in it, and it also comes with a few items for taking care of the little guy.

(10) Treehouse - Such a cute playlet!

(11) Balance bike - so pretty.

(12) Pink Scooter Balance bike - if you would rather have color.

(13) Karaoke Microphone - this thing is so cute, and perfect for the younger set!

(14) Micro Mini scooter - these scooters are the best. Brigie and Ellie have one, and I love watching Ellie ride hers. I wish we had known to get one for Vivi when she was tiny!

(15) Stuffed Caterpillar - my girls are always into random stuffed animals.

(16) Ice Cream Playset - Ellie plays with this all the time (and it it would go great with the market!). It comes with a dry erase menu, so guests can select what kind of ice cream they want, and it's fun to put it all together. Friends who come visit also love playing with this - it's such a good gift!


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