Christmas Gift Ideas for Big Girls, ages 6-10

Christmas Gift Ideas for Big Girls, ages 6-10

Ok, here is my gift guide for big girls! It's an assortment of small things, big things, in between things . . . a good roundup of gifts for any big girl to love!

(1) Land of Dough - this stuff is magical! The colors are gorgeous, and it's like grown up play doh. I just love it, and it comes in a whole spectrum of pretty colors. It's the perfect stocking stuffer, and totally mesmerizing.

(2) J.K. Rowling Book - This book is great for a Harry Potter loving kid. I love that you learn the back story of J.K. Rowling and the obstacles she had to overcome. Such a great way to learn!

(3) Cute Hair Ties - We never have enough in this house, and some super sparkly ones would be fun for the stocking.

(4) LED music activated lights - If you have a little performer in your house, these remote controlled lights are super fun. They project light all over a room, change colors, spin, and can respond to the beat of the music. Seriously, so much fun.

(5) Washable Markers - perfect for big kids, but still washable. With little siblings running around non washable markers are a non option here. These feel older without compromising my sanity.

(6) Light up Roller Blades - these are so fun, and light up at night! They are adjustable, so they will last awhile.

(7) Kitty Earmuffs - because why not.

(8) Karaoke Microphone - Vivi got this for her birthday, and she LOVES it. It's so much fun, and you will probably find yourself using it, too.

(9) The One Keyboard - We gave this to Vivi a couple of years ago, and it is SUCH A GOOD GIFT. You can sync it to your iPad to help you play songs as the keys light up. It's a bit spendy, so I'm also linking this piano, too, that has similar functionality that isn't so expensive.

(10) Cute Pom Pom Hat - we can never have enough hats, it seems.

(11) Diana Instant Camera - I love letting my girls have cameras that really work. It's so fun to see the world through their eyes; get a photo album, too, so they can label and save their photos for the sweetest keepsake ever.

(12) Loog Mini - This guitar is ukulele sized with guitar sound. So much fun to learn on!

(13) Cutest, shiniest snow boots ever.

(14) Calico Critters - These little guys are so adorable, and are entertaining for my youngest and my oldest.

(15) Keyboard - similar to #9, but much less pricey.

(16) Bake Shop Craft Kit - This craft kit is so much fun. We have tried a LOT of craft kits, and I'm honestly rarely impressed. The Klutz line is so good, and the crafts turn out cute, but also aren't ridiculously hard, challenging, etc. You pretty much can't go wrong with them.

(17) Faux Fur Stool - perfect for a posh seat to go with the pink keyboard. Get a stand for the keyboard, and she will be playing in style.

(18) Rainbow Sweater - I love getting my girls some clothes (they grow so crazy fast!) and this sweater is super fun.


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