bathing suit favorites for mamas

bathing suit favorites for momsSo, summer is nearly upon us.  If you are down South like me, it feels pretty much like summer.  And with summer comes pools, oceans, and . . . bathing suits.  Typically, I avoid the bathing suit purchase.  I positively hate going in a store to do it, and I always put off ordering one until the last minute, and then all of the sudden I find myself scrambling to find a suit for a pool playdate and I end up wearing a suit that is three years old and ill fitting.

It can be a challenge when you are a different size and shape from season to season - one year you are pregnant, the next you are newly post baby, then maybe you drop a little weight, and then you are pregnant again.  So, it doesn't feel reasonable to spend a lot on a new suit if you are in that in-between stage and you feel less than confident about yourself.

But.  This year, I decided to get ahead of it.  I found some suits that I LOVE and that are under $50 (what!), and while I have plenty of insecurities, I'm excited to have some that I'm excited to wear and that feel fun.  I wanted to share the love with you - but you'll have to hurry, because they seem to sell out quickly, just fyi!  So, here is a list of my faves:

This is my favorite favorite.  I'm wearing it below.  It is SO FUN. Someone asked about the booty coverage, and I think it's fine.  It does look less than full on the site, but it's fine on me, and trust me, I am generously proportioned and would notice if it were an issue. | Mono Stripe Suit | Gathered Waist suit (also love the pink and also comes in tall!) | Macrame Suit | Red Ruffle Suit | Paradise Print Suit

Pictured below are my new fave slide sandals and this coverup that I'll likely be living in when poolside.  Also, my most favorite cheap sunglasses ever.

favorite mom bathing suitsIf you haven't tried ASOS, I highly recommend it - it's super fun!  You can pay $20 for free two day shipping for a year, and the returns are free (and they make it so easy to return), so it's a great last minute option, and you can order lots of sizes and return them.  Also, sometimes I feel like I have a hard time finding items that fit well and less expensive retailers (like H&M and such) since I'm not a skinny minnie, but I've had a great experience with everything I have ordered from ASOS - so if you have that hesitation, maybe that will help.

So, there is the bathing suit thing.  I posted an IG of me wearing a couple of other ones, if you want to check it out for reference.  And while I feel a little bit crazy doing that, I kind of wanted to just put some encouragement out there for you other mamas who feel anxiety about being poolside with the kiddos and chasing them around.  I know it can be really hard.  And, I mean, it's not the most fun to feel self conscious and insecure, but the fact is, the little people absolutely don't care.  And if there are other mamas judging you, that is their issue, and I'd bet money they probably aren't anyway because we all have our insecurities.  And the snuggles and memories are totally worth it.  I'm trying really hard to instill a positive body image in my girls.  I remember when Vivi was tiny I heard a speaker at a mom's group I was a part of and she said to always be aware of the way you talk about yourself in front of your girls because they will internalize it more than you realize.  I have made it a point to never talk about my body in front of them.  If I see a photo of myself I don't like, or if I feel less than put together, or whatever, I don't comment.  And as trite as it may seem, as I was working on this post I realized that while I'm working hard right now to lose the last of the baby weight, I have also worked hard to have the body I do now.  In the past seven years, I have been pregnant for 27 months, nursed babies, lost countless hours of sleep, loaded and unloaded little people into the car what feels like 100 times a day . . . so who I am is hard earned.  Even if it's not perfect, it's been worth it, and it hasn't come at a small cost.  And the same goes for you.  You are enough, you are beautiful, and you are doing a good job.  So if you haven't heard that yet today, now you have.  You are precious friend, and I hope you feel that way!




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