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neutral playroom inspiration

I'm working on putting together a fun little playroom for a friend, and here is the inspiration behind the space.  It's fun, simple, and bright.  I can't wait to tell you more of her story!  I love the vintage details here that make the space feel special, like a vintage school chart, and that clever wooden furniture is adorable and super easy to assemble and store!

(1) Ukelele; (2) Vintage Botanical Chart; (3) Vintage Solar System Picture; (4) Hello Plaque; (5) Bookshelves; (6) Cactus Lamp; (7) Play Table and Chairs; (8) Kid Chair; (9) Bookcase; (10) Peg Shelf; (11) Pink Wire Bin; (12) Union Rug; (13) Stripe Curtains; (14) Whale Rocker; (15) Basket; (16) Moonrise Kingdom Print; (17) Plus Sign Pillow


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