Trucking It

trucks and cars nursery inspiration

I'm always struck by just how much my nephew Henry loves trucks, bulldozers, back hoes, front end loaders, and such, especially since those things are so foreign in my current world that is very pink.  I was loving these vintage truck ads, and thought they would inspire such a fun room!  Either have them framed, or scan them and print them at a larger scale (Framebridge is super easy and affordable for this kind of thing - just send them the file and they will print it and frame it and send it to you!) and this room will have lots of little boy style without feeling overly juvenile.  Fill the shelves with favorite childhood trucks and cars for a fun and nostalgic touch.

Sources: (1) Vortice Light; (2) Cloud Shelf; (3) Grid Shelf; (4) Truck Montage; (5) Vintage GMC ad yellow; (6) Vintage GMC ad green; (7) Truck School Chart; (8) Lilith Pillows; (9) Gelato Crib; (10) Bulldozer Pillow; (11) Scraper Pillow; (12) Turquoise Lamps; (13) Harrison Dresser; (14) Maverick Car; (15) ; (16) Half Stripe Rug; (17) Swivel Chair; (18) Adventure Print; (19) Silver Pouf; (20) Silver Basket; (21) Vintage Dump Truck


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