dinosaur inspired baby room

dinosaur baby nursery

Have y'all seen Jurassic World yet?  We saw it last weekend, and I just loved it.  Dinosaurs are classic little boy, and make for such a fun space. This would easily transition well to a big boy's room, too; I love the larkin bed or the tarva bed.

Sources: (1) Paxo Pendant Light; (2) Dinosaur Stack Poster; (3) Two Brontosaurs Poster; (4) Sunshine Wall Hanging; (5) Stegosaurus Chart; (6) Plastic Dinosaurs Poster; (7) Pink Dinosaur Poster; (8) Stegosaurus Pillow; (9) Caravan Crib; (10) Brontosaurus Pillow; (11) Teal Lamp; (12) Wrightwood Dresser; (14) Green Dino Sheets; (15) Dino Bookends; (16) Spencer Recliner; (17) Sun Pillow; (18) Martini Side Table; (19) Sun Yellow Rug; (20) Blue Brontosaurus Poster; (21) Dinosaur and Egg Poster; (22) Storage Baskets


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