Thoughtful Gifts for Guys

Thoughtful Gifts for Guys

perfect gifts for those hard to buy for men

Those guys can be so hard to buy for sometimes, right? Here is a list of some of Chip's favorites that have been (or would be!) a really big hit with him, all approved by himself, in case you need a little inspiration.

thoughtful christmas gifts for men

(1) Meat Claws: If your guy is into grilling or smoking meat, these are awesome. These save a ton of time and effort.

(2) Belgian Dart Set: A gorgeous and manly addition to a man cave or office.

(3) Boxer Briefs: Chip has fallen in love with this brand, and these super soft boxer briefs are the best (not to mention super cute). This pack of three would make a really fun gift.

(4) Coffee Scrub: I had some of this, and Chip ended up using it up.  It smells SO good, like coffee, and is a super invigorating in the morning.  Chip loved using it on his face, too.

(5) Denim Coat: This will give off all the cute lumberjack vibes.  Chip has a similar one, and it's so good.  Trust me.

(6) Watch: sporty and cute.

(7) Good Cigar Co.: Chip and I met the couple that started this business; I loved the concept, their thoughtfulness, and they seemed like people you would just want to be friends with.  This would make a really thoughtful gift if your guy is into cigars!

(8) Be More Vader: Quirky little book to balance out the design books on your coffee table.

(9) Bose Speaker: Chip tried out all the speakers in the store in person, and this one has amazing sound, and the price is great for the quality.  Would work great with the projector!

(10) Projector:  I asked Chip to select a quality projector that wasn't too much.  He is really into this kind of thing, and he thought this was a great option.  It's not super cheap, but it's a good one.  These are really fun to have for watching sports or movies in the yard during the summer for guys' nights parties, or just with the family!  You'll need a screen and a speaker - just fyi!

(11) Nintendo: Bring your guy back to his childhood.  Chip has had so much fun playing this, and beating Zelda all over again.  This is a really fun, nostalgic gift, and one he'll probably like sharing with his friends (or kids!), too.

(12) Slippers: Slippers are a good yearly gift, I think!

(13) Vintage DaLite Screen:  This thing is so cute!  It will work with the projector; just keep in mind it's vintage, so the proportions aren't really suited to a wide screen format. It is really fun to pop up in the house and watch a family movie around, though! It stores easily, and is so pretty to look at.  If this one sells, just search for "vintage dalite screen" and find a good one!  They are really affordable screen options, and feel special and thoughtful.

(14) Dino Speaker: Quirky gift if you need something really off the wall!

(15) Shirt: Classic gift that is always a fave.

(16) Briefcase: Gorgeous travel case; maybe gift it with plans for a fun getaway with your guy?


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