bright and easy christmas mantel decor

colorize your party with astrobrights

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bright and easy christmas mantel decor

I'm partnering up with Astrobrights for some fun and easy Christmas mantel decor today to colorize your Christmas or colorize your party.  Astrobrights is a line of vibrant color paper that makes crafting fun and easy, and adds splashes of color to any project.

bright and easy christmas mantel decor

I tried really hard to keep this project super simple and easy to accomplish (because hello, baby on the way, and kitchen renovation!) and I love how it looks.  Sometimes simple shapes plus a high quantity equals high impact!  Here is what you will need to get a similar look:

Astrobrights papers (I'd recommend text weight) | glitter pom poms | hot glue gun & glue | scissors

bright and easy christmas mantel decor

This is also a great project for kid participation; they will love the glitter poms (and you could also add them all over the trees for extra festive-ness, but I was really liking the clean and simple look).  To make these, use a cone template to make your shapes.  I created three different sizes of cones, which I think makes it look more interesting overall.

Cut out your cones, roll them up and hot glue one edge to hold them together (text weight paper is much easier to work with!).  Then, simply hot glue a pom to the top for some sparkly fun!

I paired these with a handful of bottle brush ornaments, a gold tinsel garland (from Ikea), and a wooden bead garland I made last year.  Keeping the rest of the mantel simple really makes those bright colors pop!

bright and easy christmas mantel decor

For this color palette, I used Pulsar Pink, Fireball Fuchsia, Venus Violet, Celestial Blue, and Lunar blue, but I think it would also be really fun in Rocket Red, Re-entry Red, Terra Green, and Stardust White for a more traditional look!

bright and easy christmas mantel decor

Find more inspiration to colorize your life here!  This was such a simple and fun project - hope you are inspired!

Thank you so much to Astrobrights for sponsoring this post.  I appreciate so much sponsors who support Lay Baby Lay and allow me to keep creating inspiration and delightful content while staying home with my girls!

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