Christmas Gift Ideas for Big Girls (ages 5 - 9)

Christmas Gift Ideas for Big Girls (ages 5 - 9)

Update! Here is my latest guide for 2021, enjoy! Big girl gift guide for Christmas (2021)

Here is a roundup of my suggestions for gifts for bigger girls - sometimes mine can be really tricky to buy for! Vivi is particularly tough; she is more into experiences and play-acting rather than specific toys, if that makes sense. These items are some of her favorites that would keep her busy (including some from last year that were a really big hit!) in a range of prices from inexpensive to show-stopping.

holiday gift ideas for big girls

(1) Pink Octopus - for the one who can't get enough of cute furry plushies (like my Brigette!), this little guy is unique, special, and cute, and will be sure to impress.  Plus, he would look super cute on the bed - cutest throw pillow ever!

(2) Caboodles - my girls LOVE organizing things.  I have one of these, and they are both fascinated and want one.  It would be great for rock collections, jewelry, tiny treasures collection from who knows where, maybe some LOL dolls (insert eye roll here).  I can see this thing being a big favorite.  Bonus points if you include tiny things of some kind to keep in it.

(3) Record player - I put this on my gift guide every year, but I think it's a good one.  It's a great analog way to give them some autonomy over listening to music.  Set them up with a collection of a handful of favorite albums (you can buy lots of current ones here or some really awesome vintage ones on Etsy) and let them get to choose their listening experience.  It also works with headphones, too; Vivi loves using them while she reads.

(4) Sparkly Present Purse - I mean, no explanation needed here.  A grownup accessory with plenty of little girl glam.

(5) Baking Set - My girls LOVE helping me bake.  I'm planning to set up a drawer just for them with their own set of baking tools they can use and some kid friendly recipes so they can have a little more independence here.

(6) Pink Keyboard - This thing is amazing.  Vivi got it for Christmas last year, and it has been a hit all year.  First, it's gorgeous, and secondly you can use it with an iPad or iPhone to light up the keys so they can play songs.  I know, this isn't really the best way to make a piano player out of your kid, but it's good enough for them to learn on, and if they don't want to be serious about it, they can still play music and be pleased with it!  Seriously, it's amazing.  Buy a microphone to go with it, and you'll have a happy little mozart (or pop star?) on your hands.  Be sure to get a stand for it - this one is really pretty.

(7)  Moon Boots - warm and adorable, these will make snow days or chilly days extra fun and sparkly.

(8) Microscope - I had one of these as a kid, and loved making my own slides.  It's a fun way to feel like a scientist and do some learning on your own.

(9) Hedgehog Crystals - Vivi is fascinated with crystals; these grow quickly, and end up being something really cute to set on her shelf of treasures.

(10) Kodak Printomatic Camera - Vivi has an instax, and it's so fun to use.  This one is a slight step up with great reviews; I love that they can experience some creativity with taking photos without having to have a screen.  And you get the instant gratification of printed pictures.  You just have to be sure to save up for the film!  Get her an album to fill, and it will be really sweet to see her childhood through her eyes.

(11) Fluffy slippers - because who doesn't need fluffy slippers?

(12) Snuggly robe - My girls would really enjoy this now that they are a little bigger.  Whether it's to keep extra warm over pj's, or to wear while they brush their hair and teeth after a shower, I can see this sweet robe getting a lot of mileage.

(13) Ice Cream Truck - If your girls are into dolls, this one has a lot of fun things for a great price (compared to the big name brand!).  My girls would love this impressive collection of super fun things to play with.

(14) Narwhal and Jelly, The Princess and Black, and Louise Trapeze - My girls love these books.  All of these series (note there are several books in each series!) are great for a range of ages whether they are reading yet or not (Brigie, who is an early reader, and Vivi who is also reading Harry Potter on her own, both love them!), and all of them have really fun illustrations!


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