taking her first steps!

baby's first steps

I mentioned this on instagram recently, but Ellie took her first steps two weeks ago!  We were at the beach with some friends, and I think she was surprised at the response, because everyone started clapping and cheering for her.  It was pretty much the cutest.  Since then, she has been taking more and more, and this week she walked across the living room without having to sit.

(pictured above: van walker; tea outfit; StrideRite soft motion walkers; Crib; Cloud sheet; Heart Ottoman; Graham Glider; Eleanor the Bear; Martini table; DIY book holder; Faceted Lamp; Sputnik Light; Crystal Mosaic Rug; Curtains)

shoes for baby's first steps

See how proud she is of herself?

It's amazing how different all babies are.  I remember Vivi took her first steps the week of her first birthday; she fell down a lot, but she just went for it.  I recall having to pick her up and comfort her often.  Brigette waited until she was 15 months old.  I think she was happy being cuddled and carried and crawling was comfortable for her.  Ellie has split the difference at 13 months, but like Brigette she is a bit steadier.  She keeps her balance really well, and catches herself when she falls.

shoes for baby's first steps

We have been loving these Soft Motion walkers from StrideRite.  With flexible soles that grip well and snug straps, they work great on her little feet to help her take sweet little steps.  Go here to see how these little shoes help new walkers keep their balance and get the hang of using their feet (there are a ton of styles, from casual to buttoned-up!).  The handy size guide also helps you keep up with the size of those growing feet (which can be so hard to do!).

(Pictured above: Little Oink; Kitty Pull Toy)

pastel baby room ideas

I have a feeling she will be keeping me on my toes a lot more now that she is really on the go!!

Thank you so much to Stride Rite for sponsoring this post!  Love the quality of their products and thoughtful designs.  Sign up for emails here and rewards here!



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