summer adventures

summer adventure

Now that summer is upon us, I'm looking forward to doing some adventuring with the girls, and also watching them adventure.  At first, I was a little anxious about summer; sometimes it seems like endless long days and I have been so used to having toddlers in the house that need a ton of supervision and hands on time that I was worried about filling the days.  However, this first week has been blissfully free; free of rushing out the door in the mornings, free of expectations, free of too much structure, and we have all been loving it.

(pictured above: phibian shoes in pink and purple; denim vests (more on those later!); Brigie's leotard - her favorite!)

summer adventure

I have also realized that they have grown so much this year; they are still little, to be sure, but require much less "helicoptering."  Brigette especially can play in the backyard without me needing to be right beside her, as she can do lots of climbing on her own and does a great job of keeping up with Vivi.  They have also (thankfully) been playing together really well, and it's such a joy to watch their relationship unfold.

(pictured above: phibian shoes in pink and purple; vivi's backpack; denim vests)

These Phibian shoes from StrideRite have already come in handy on our adventures so far, and I can see them holding up well through lots of summertime memories.  They are like tennis shoes and sandals all in one, with grippy soles and breathable quick dry uppers (yay for no stinky shoes!) so they are great for climbing and splashing through puddles.  They have a bungee closure and velcro strap, and Brigette can put them on herself without any trouble.  These are her new go to favorites; and she requests to wear her "purple shoes" anytime we go out.

summer adventure

Having shoes that they love and I love too is such a win.  These are girly and whimsical enough to satisfy Brigette's princess taste, but sturdy enough and grippy enough that I don't worry about her climbing and slipping or getting them wet and ruining them (you can also toss them in the washer!).

So glad to have shoes that will keep up with my girls this summer!  You can follow StrideRite on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and they also have a great rewards program here (so helpful as I feel like I'm always replacing shoes - the girls grow so quickly!) or you can just opt for email updates here.

Here's to some awesome adventures and summer memories ahead!

Thank you so much to StrideRite for sponsoring this post! I love working with brands who inspire creativity and adventure!



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