summer craft room ideas

craft room ideas

Is it hard for you to let your kiddos do lots of crafting?  It's hard for me.  It always seems to end up a crazy mess, and now that Vivi and Brigie are really old enough to do lots of projects, it stresses me out when Ellie is in the mix, because she is just plain into everything right now.  I've decided to turn one of the rooms downstairs (until this point it has kind of been a guest room, but really more of storage for me) into a craft room for the girls to work on projects this summer.  I'm hoping we can spend lots of time in there when Ellie is napping and it's too hot to be outside.  I'm really excited to get it turned around and have a dedicated space for projects and craft supplies!  I'll be putting some really fun chasing paper on one wall - I'm thinking this pattern, which is perfect for a creative space, and I can't wait for you to see the chandelier Sazerac Stitches is making!

Sources for above:

(1) Icons Paper; (2) Daisy chandelier; (3) Brass Birds; (3) Birds of a Feather; (4) Cactus Light; (5) Book Shelf; (6) Pink Letter Board; (7) 50 States Book; (8) Vintage Blush Dresser; (9) Shelf; (10) Vintage Kids' Chairs; (11) Play table; (12) Howdy the Cow; (13) Dot Rug; (14) Record Player; (15) Peanut; (16) Bins; (17) Balloon Lamp


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