sports baby nursery ideas

 sports baby nursery inspiration

I'm loving this nostalgic retro-feeling room.  It's a great way to tie in sports without it feeling too franchised or overly um, sporty.  It would be extra fun to find old photos of your husband's tee ball team or your dad's team photos and print them out poster size, and if there are any old trophies in the attic, they would make a sweet little collection on a shelf!  I also love that "glory days" banner.  Such a sweet little reminder that these days are precious and fleeting, even if they can be tiring!


(1) Satellite Pendant Light; (2) Vintage Bat; (3) Vintage Team Photo; (4) Best Day Ever Pennant; (5) Football Print; (6) Glory Days Banner; (6) Happiness Print; (7) Pillows; (8) Gelato Crib; (9) Yellow Lamps; (1) Primary Dresser; (11) Criss Cross Bedding; (12) Teak Bookends; (13) Cupa Leather Chair; (14) Calo Side Table; (15) Daylen Rug; (16) The Three Two Pitch Book; (17) Go, Team, Go Book; (18) Double Signals Book; (19) Wire Ball Bin; (20) Parkside Toy Box


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