simple rainbow birthday party ideas

brigie turns 4

rainbow birthday party ideasSo, my sweet little Brigie turned four last week!  We had her birthday party on Saturday, and it was such fun!  I always struggle a little with her party, because it's in January and the weather can be unpredictable (it snowed last year!).

(pictured above: streamer backdrop; unicorns; candles; plates)

rainbow birthday party inspiration

The girls had really been wanting to see the Trolls movie, but we missed it in the theater.  I looked it up, and found that it would be released the week of Brigie's birthday on iTunes, so we decided a Trolls party was in order.  We turned the playroom into a magical rainbow theater, and it was perfect for a chilly January afternoon!

(pictured above: table fringe hung from the ceiling; table cloth; felt roses; rainbow balloon; roller rink rug)

playroom movie theater ideasThe basement playroom is perfect for party throwing because it has no drop ceiling; the beams and such are exposed and painted black, so I have fun hanging decor and streamers - it's super easy.  Chip set up the projector in the extremely unorganized craft storage guest  room behind the playroom and put the screen against the double doors for the perfect movie viewing experience.

(Note: we use this screen, but here is a much more affordable version that would also work great - be sure to get rear projection! and this projector is similar.)

simple rainbow party ideasFor the party, I set out the little mini tables the girls' grandpa built for Vivi's third birthday (they have come in handy so many times!) and used a tablecloth and these ridiculously cute plates and napkins.  I put out some fun little unicorns for favors, as well as a few dinosaurs for the fellas.

(Sources: Sunshine Plates; Cloud Napkins; Sunglasses; Light Up Hug Bracelets)

rainbow birthday party ideas

Aren't those felt flowers fun, too?  Also, I made the cake.  I love baking, but making cakes pretty is somehow always a challenge for me.  I know, this isn't the best looking cake, but based on my past attempts, this is practically award winning.  I used these cake pans, which work like magic.  The cake just slides right out, and it's perfect.  I was worried the cake might be too small (it's a 6" cake), but there are five layers, making it taller than your average cake, and it was plenty for 10 kiddos.

I also make fruit loop treats, which are just like making rice krispie treats, but with fruit loops.  They turn out so colorful and fun, and feel extra special!

(Sources: Felt Flowers; Unicorns; Dinosaurs; Cake Pans)

rainbow party inspiration

I used Vivi's tea cart for the favor bags.  I was able to get a lot of cute little goodies from Target in the Valentine aisles.  There were a lot of inexpensive items in bulk; I included those glasses, bubble wands, some heart rings, troll candy bracelets, tiny notepads, erasers.  I also bought those light up bracelets for the kids to wear.  They are so fun when the lights are off and the movie is on, and they feel like the hug bracelets the trolls wear.

rainbow troll party ideas

Obviously, Brigie is a fan!  I had to bribe her a little to get out of her "snuggly pants" for a few photos.  She put them back on for the party.

I also love those rainbow balloons.  I ordered them and then took them to Publix to have them inflated (it's $1 per balloon).

rainbow party ideas

rainbow birthday party ideas

See my beautiful leaning cake?  Ha!  But it was yummy.  Chocolate layers with rainbow icing in between.  I think  those candles are so fun, too.

rainbow party treats

There is a close-up of the fruit loop treats, and we also had popcorn in ice cream cones for a movie snack!  (Source for cutie pie ice cream cart.)

rainbow birthday party ideas

The signs were kind of a last minute project, and I had them printed at Office Max/Office Depot.  The big ones are on foam core and this poster is on poster board.  They were done in an afternoon, so it's a great last minute option!

rainbow birthday party ideasI wanted the signs to have kind of a hand-drawn-in-a-school-notebook feel.  I drew them with a sharpie, scanned it in and then edited the colors in Illustrator.  You could also use the paper app, and do this all on your phone or iPad.

rainbow party ideas

rainbow party ideas

rainbow party ideasI think it's safe to say the birthday girl was pleased, and it was such a fun afternoon celebrating her!

rainbow birthday party ideas

See Brigie's first, second, and third birthdays, and Vivi's thirdfourth, and fifth parties, if you want!

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