an advent calendar with astrobrights

I have never done an advent calendar with the girls before, and since they are getting older and we are getting peppered with questions like "what day is tomorrow?", "how many days til Christmas?", and "how long is that exactly?", I thought this would be a fun way for all of us to participate in a countdown to the big day.

I wanted to keep it fairly simple, and rather than "treats", I included experiences.  Some of them are acts of kindness (putting a card in the mailbox for the postman, along with a tip, baking cookies for the firemen, writing a special card to their great-grandmother, etc.), and some are experiences (visit Santa, family Christmas movie night, cooking supper together, etc.), which I'm hoping will help us all be more intentional about our time this season.  Sometimes it can be such a blur, and I want to enjoy this Christmas when they are perfectly 6, 3, and almost one!

To create this calendar, here is what you need:

Astrobrights papers* | Felt squares for numbers (you can also use paper - I just like the added dimension) | Pom Poms | Tape (washi or Scotch) | Bakers Twine | Hole Punch | Thick Yarn | Scissors | Hot Glue Gun

(I used the colors Plasma Pink, Pulsar Pink, Gravity Grape, Solar Yellow, Lunar Blue, and Celestial Blue!)

First, cut strips of paper that are 2.5" x 7" long.  Fold them so that there is about a 3/4" overhang, and tape along the edges.  I used scotch tape, but washi tape would be fun!

Next, cut your numbers from the felt squares.  I freehanded these, and I always like the look of them being a little more imperfect!  Hot glue the numbers to the pockets, and hot glue pom poms to the bottom if you like the look.

Then punch holes in the top, and tie them to the yarn with bakers twine.  Cut small 1" x 3" strips of paper and write down your acts of kindness or experiences and tuck them into the pockets!

I also added some little festive pom pom hats to my favorite vintage brass giraffes.  The other garland is made from cut straws and pipe cleaner with pom poms hot glued in between.  I think it sort of looks like Christmas candy!

Such a fun, bright way to count down the days with little ones!

Thank you so much to Astrobrights for sponsoring this post.  I love working with brands who inspire creativity!


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