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gift ideas for friends (or yourself!)

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gift ideas for friends

Here are a few gift ideas for friends (or yourself)!  Feel free to forward it on to your fella . . .

(1) Harney & Sons Paris tea (smells so wonderful and tastes even better!);

(2) Cute Little Canister (for storing this & that);

(3) Cutest Beanie Hat Ever (to keep your ears warm);

(4) Mini Gold Purse (for date nights when you can ditch the diaper bag);

(5) Classic & Cute Sweater (I adore this one! The perfect fit!);

(6) Turban Headband (for those days when the hair might not get washed . . . );

(7) Pretty Pins (for the same days as #6);

(8) Mega Babe Keychain (a good reminder when you feel much less than this);

(9) Sweet Slippers (great for middle of the night wakings or pre-sunrise awakenings!);

(10) Instax Printer (so cute to instantly print phone photos!);

(11) Marble Top Coffee Table (a stylish option with no pointy edges to injure any small people);

(12) Arrowhead Ring (some bling with a not too bling-y price tag);

(13) Mod Lamp (for a nightstand refresh);

(14) Gold Shears (to make crafting and what not a bit more luxe);

(15) Vintage Tea Time Book (for grown up tea parties)

(16) Bow Booties (love the bow!);

(17) Black and White Bins (for chic toy hiding!);

(18) Wedge Booties (casual but extra fun for outings with the little people!)

What is on your wish list this year?  I'd love to hear!


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