christmas advent:

week 1

christmas adventThis week, Lesley and I are teaming up for some Christmas advent inspiration.  Yesterday we shared the concept, as well as an idea on how to make your own advent centerpiece.  We are focusing on Isaiah 9:6, taking one name from the verse each week leading up to Christmas.  The first week (the week of December 1st) , the name is "wonderful counselor," meaning God is amazing and has the wisdom to rule.  To start the week, light one of the advent candles on the end when your family eats together, read the verse, and talk about the name "wonderful counselor."christmas adventThis week's craft is a paper cup telephone.  The idea is that God is wise and listens to you, so you can talk to Him about anything, and He will guide your steps.  It's a really simple project; all you need are two paper cups with small punched holes in the bottom to attach the string with knots.  I used masonry twine (Isn't the color so pretty?  Who knew!  It also comes in yellow!) and some gold vinyl I have, but stickers, markers, or contact paper would all do just as well!  The telephone really does work, and Vivi and I played with it.  She loves the way it makes her voice sound louder, and how you can hear someone so well from far away.  (Note: be sure the string is pulled taut when using it as a "telephone," otherwise it won't really work.)  Maybe ask a few questions through the telephone or practice telling each other sweet little secrets.  christmas adventI think it's fun to light the candle every night you eat together as a family to really set the tone that this is a special season, and to encourage conversation on the topic.  You can read the same verse every night (the littles will have it memorized in no time!), or find other supporting verses to talk about this week, to let them know of God's great wisdom and the fact that they can talk to Him about anything that is on their precious little hearts.

Now, head over to Lesley's blog to check out a recipe for some extra yummy polka dot pancakes to make with your little ones and friends for this week!

(And, yes, I made the crafts in all the pictures this week, but I'll be doing these with Vivi throughout December and sharing how hers turn out on instagram!)


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