girls' playroom update

girls playroom inspiration

I'm working right now to update the girls' playroom; we recently painted the room all white to brighten it up, and it just needs some changes to make it a really useable space once baby 3 makes her appearance.  She will be taking over Brigie's room (which has of late become a playroom of sorts), so we will need some extra space for the girls to really spread out and play.

I'm planning to use some of the adorable photos Sara snapped, and it will be full of bright colors to create an imaginative space.  I'm also working on some fun DIY's to share as well!

Sources: (1) Apple Hanging; (2) Kitty cone; (3) Gumball Print; (4) Mint Metalwork Bookcase; (5) Yellow Lattice Bin; (6) Geodesic Play House; (7) Vivi art; (8) Roller Rink Rug; (9) Natural Lamp; (10) Blue Ribbon; (11) Vintage Copenhagen Poster; (12) Mint Triangle Curtains; (13) Happy Pillow; (14) Yellow Checkmate Lamp; (15) Larkin Nightstand; (16) White Play Table; (17) Candy Stick Chairs; (18) Next Chapter Bookcase; (19) XO Rug; (20) Dotted Pouf


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