my (four year old) wish list

Vivi is turning four in a week and a half (!) and I'm working on her party, and trying to figure out what to get for her.  There are so many cute little girly things out there right now . . . here is my wish list if I were turning four:

(1) Bow Headband; (2) Gunner & Lux Necklace; (3) Sleepy Kitties; (4) Ice Cream Set; (5) Merci Poster (email Sophie to purchase - thanks, Molly!); (6) Ava the Unicorn; (7) Pipsticks Sticker Subscription; (8) Furry Booties; (9) Bow Puffer Coat; (10) Sleepy Fox Print

Also, my friends at just launched a new app called little list where you can share a list of gifts that interest your little ones, and keep track of their ever changing clothing and shoe sizes - so great!  You can share it with grandparents and relatives, and since it keeps track of everything, there are no duplicated gifts!  It's a great way to share what your child really needs (a new winter coat, shoes for school, a new bedtime book, etc.) so gifts are extra meaningful and helpful!  Check it out here!


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