favorite projects of 2014

I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas!  We are still enjoying a little break over here, but I'm sharing a quick post today with some of my favorite projects from 2014.  (I'll be sharing favorite DIY posts later this week, and then it's back to the usual - whatever that is! - next week!)

First up is the playhouse, which is probably my top favorite.  I (along with my daddy and Chip) put more sweat into this project than I have anything else, maybe ever.  And it was totally and completely worth it.

Next is Timothy's nursery with the Land of Nod.  Such an amazing treat to do this for a sweet and deserving friend!  (You can find a print of that canvas here!)

master bedroom ideas

Our bedroom redo with Serena & Lily makes me so happy.  It feels so good to have a more finished and bright place to rest and refresh!

This playspace with RH Baby & Child was an absolute delight to put together, and I just want to fall asleep on that gorgeous cushy rug right now.  It's so wonderfully dreamy, especially at night with that glowy star!

We updated our little den, and I've been so happy with that change, too.

I gave my tiny closet some love, and it brought some much needed order into my life.

We painted part of the living room white, and added some shelving.

I celebrated my darling little red headed cherub's first birthday, and I'm already getting choked up thinking about her second that will be here in a flash.

And finally, Christmas.  Just plain all of it.  Every bit.  It was just completely magical this year, and I couldn't have scripted a better day if I tried.  This year was blessedly calm and sweet.  The little people slept enough while we traveled, we slept enough, we spent long hours catching up with beloved family members we don't see nearly enough, I had the margin to get to start some family traditions I've been longing to do for awhile now, and most importantly, we celebrated Jesus' birthday.



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