every time a box arrives,

an angel gets its wings

We have more boxes around here than we know what to do with, especially at Christmastime.  I figured it would be nice to make use of some of all this cardboard (planning to make a dollhouse a la the fantastic mermag) so we made some angel wings.

I cut out the wing shapes, and gave the girls a glue stick and some feathers, and they had a great time pasting on the feathers.  I think glue sticks might be my new crafting best friend for doing projects with the girls.  They are so minimally messy, and work really well.

I painted some white details on the front, poked holes in them and strung through some ribbon, and then hot glued some feathers onto ribbon for Vivi's crown (always have to have a crown!) and they had fun running around the yard in their wings.  Little B didn't want to take hers off.

It also proved to be a fun talking point as we made them.  We talked about what angels might look like, how the shepherds might have felt when an entire host of angels appeared before them.  If you have boys, it might be fun to make some shields, too, and talk about how this was an angel army delivering the good news, not just fluffy cherubs!  Even though I can't get enough of my little fluffy cherubs.


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