silent night

neutral baby room ideasMy apologies for the radio silence over the past few days/week.  Vivi brought home something yucky that we have all managed to get, and coupled with being pregnant, it has truly knocked me off my feet!  We are finally rounding the corner and feeling better, but last week I mostly was trying to just get through the day!  This pregnancy, I seem to be so much more tired than I was before . . . maybe it's the whole chasing the toddler thing?

At any rate, today's board is all things natural and cozy (featuring a couple of my Darling Clementine favorites!).  It makes me want to curl up and take a nap . . . especially since it is raining right now.  Or perhaps just because I always want to sleep these days.  Maybe this serene and neutral atmosphere will make baby want to sleep, too?  (Also, although it isn't quite as neutral, this paper would be a fun substitute for the pricey but lovely penmanship print above.  I saw it in Sam Flax this morning, and it took much restraint not to purchase a few sheets.)


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