Essentials and Tips for Long Plane Trips with Big Kids

Essentials and Tips for Long Plane Trips with Big Kids

Last weekend, we took our two oldest girls on a whirlwind trip to London. It was SO much fun, and I'll be sharing all the details shortly, but I wanted to do a quick post with a roundup of what I packed for the girls to make the plane ride speed by and to make it extra fun.

Tips for long plane rides with kids

Long plane rides with kids can be intimidating, but I think our girls are at a great age for it (7 and 9); honestly it wasn't bad at all, and they enjoyed the adventure. I packed their backpacks when they weren't looking, and they couldn't open them until they were on the plane, which they thought was super fun and exciting.

Here are a few tips when flying with kids that I learned, and that some of you gave me:

(1) Bring Clorox wipes, and wipe down the tray tables, tv screens and buttons, and armrests.

(2) Don't use the sinks in the bathrooms if you have to use them; rather, use hand sanitizer to clean your hands.

(3) Fill up a "snackle box". Put little treats/snacks in each little square, and let them sample something every 30 minutes or hour, depending on how long your flight is. I also had gum in their backpacks for them to chew during takeoff and landing, which can really help their ears adjust to the change in pressure.

(4) You aren't just packing for the plane. If you plan to do any long train rides or dine out at fancier restaurants, the paper dolls and coloring kits will come in very handy. It worked out super well for us, so it's good to consider those what other activities you will be doing, not just how long you will be on the plane.

(5) Bring their water bottles (empty), and refill them after security. Then you won't have to worry about spills, and you'll probably want them for the rest of your trip, too!

I looooove the suitcases I found for them - they were less than $50, and worked so well. I love the internal zipper, and they were perfect to hold everything. We didn't check bags, and it was super easy for the girls to hook their backpacks onto the top and just push them around. Also, those magnetic paper dolls are *the best*. They keep my girls entertained for so long - and they are super adorable. I love that each set comes with two little dolls, so you can make up a story and play - most of those sets only come with one doll. They are a super great birthday present, too!

Hope that helps! Would love to hear your questions!


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