Easy Circus Costumes for Halloween - Lion Tamer, Lion, and Trapeze Artist

Easy Circus Costumes for Halloween - Lion Tamer, Lion, and Trapeze Artist

easy and cute circus costumes lion tamer, lion, and trapeze artist

My girls love The Greatest Showman, and Vivi has been requesting that she would like to be Anne, the pretty, pink haired trapeze artist.  I figured it would be cute to just go with the theme, and so Brigie was a lion tamer, and Ellie a little lion. I tried to keep the costumes simple, and found almost everything on Amazon. I love it when costumes have pieces that can be repurposed or reworn whenever, and the tutus, tights, and leotards are great for gymnastics, ballet, or wearing anytime  (Ellie's favorite is dressing like a ballerina any day of the week!).  (Also, I love that black wreath - I'm going to add some feathers or something to make it last past Halloween!)


the greatest showman halloween costumes easy and cute lion, lion tamer, and trapeze artist

Here is a breakdown of what we used to pull these costumes together (I used this pink face paint for their cheeks):

Lion Tamer: Mini Top Hat | Bolero Jacket that I hot glued gold trim to | Cream Leotard | Blush Pink Tutu | Pink Tights | Pink Boots

Lion: Lion Mane | Similar Fur Vest | Cream Leotard | Nude Tutu | Pink Tights | Boots

Trapeze Artist/Anne: Pink Wig (we added in a bow and flower we had on hand) | Purple Leotard | Similar Capelet | Purple Tutu | Purple Tights | Glitter Flats

Hope that helps any of you looking to put a last minute costume together!  The girls had so much fun wearing them to Boo at the Zoo!


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