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vintage Christmas inspiration

With a baby due to arrive mid-December, I am equal parts excited and terrified.  I'm so grateful for this blessing headed our way, but my experience with my first two was emotionally pretty tough several weeks postpartum, and I'm dreading this a bit.  I'm praying I'll be able to navigate it better this time, knowing full well what to expect, but any way you slice it, the newborn season can be just plain hard.

And I adore Christmas.  It's such a special time, and I don't want to miss out on this precious year through blurred, sleepy, teary eyes.  I'm doing what I can do prepare ahead of time and be ready to celebrate and make some sweet memories with Chip and my girls.

vintage Christmas decor

So, while the thought of Christmas decor before the end of October might be a bit much for some, I'm thankful to take advantage of these quiet weeks to get ready for the season ahead, because I know it will be here in a flash!  I was excited to work with Framebridge on these custom framed photos to use as part of our festivities.

I chose some fun photos of the girls from last year, as well as one each of Chip and I from Christmas as kids, since we'll be staying in town at our house this year.  It was so easy and simple to get these done, and I can't recommend the experience enough!  Framebridge is also great for Christmas gifts as well.

grandparent christmas gift ideas

The frames and prints turned out beautifully, and I am so happy with them!  I used a mix of the Richmond, the Mandalay, and the Irvine Slim frames for an eclectic, but cohesive look.  I thought the gold frames were especially sweet with the vintage photos!  I also hung some favorite vintage ornaments my grandmother gave me when I was a child (including my baby's first Christmas ornament, which I find especially sweet this year!).

christmas decor

vintage Christmas decor

Framebridge is also offering 20% off with code LAYBABYLAY20 (that expires 1/31/2016) if you want to try it out for yourself!  There is also an option for instagram framing, which is a sweet and easy way to capture a memory for someone special.

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I hope you are inspired!!  Thank you so much to Framebridge for sponsoring this post.  I have had so much fun using their beautiful products, and am so grateful for sponsors who allow me to continue providing unique and inspiring content!

vintage Christmas decor inspiration


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