christmas advent:

week 2

christmas adventWeek 2 of  advent inspiration with Lesley is centered around the second name for Christ in Isaiah 9:6 - Mighty God.  "Mighty" can be translated to mean great power, skill, strength, or force.  I thought a fun way to illustrate this would be with a shield (perhaps a bit like Captain America's?).  I like the parallel, because the not only does a shield represent strength but it is also a protector of its bearer, much like God is the protector of our little adventFor week 2 of advent (starting on Sunday, December 8th), light a second candle next to the first one, so you will have two candles lit this week.  Light the candles whenever you sit down to eat together as a family, read Isaiah 9:6 and talk about what it means to be "mighty" and how you know that God is mighty.  This is once again a fairly simple craft; I found these adorable wooden shields at Joanne's (it appears they aren't available online, but there are some on Etsy).  I really like the natural wood showing through, so there is just a little bit of acrylic paint on the top with some gold rub n' buff around the edges.  Ribbon is stapled to the back for Vivi to hold adventI'd say they work pretty great for battling imaginary (and perhaps real!) foes!  Be sure to check out Lesley's blog for a a recipe for peppermint chocolate truffles (want one now!) to make alongside your kids this week! Hope you checked out the pretty polka dot pancakes from yesterday. I can personally attest to the fact that they are advent


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