big kid bed

big kid beds

Are you getting ready to make the switch from a crib to a big kid bed?  Are you moving to a toddler, twin, or full bed?  Here are a few of my favorite twin beds (and just had to include the gorgeous brass bed because it's an amazing option if you have the space) and a few of the pros for skipping the toddler bed, if you go that route.  (Also, if you are looking for bedding inspiration, check out my board on Pinterest!)

Sources: (1) Larkin Metal Bed;  (2) Mid Century Bed; (3) Hampshire Spindle Bed; (4) Camp Bed; (5) Jenny Lind Bed (also love the daybed as well!); (6) Amelia Bed; (7) Alchemy Brass Bed; (8) Belle Upholstered Bed

When we moved Vivi to a big girl bed, it was sort of a rushed transition.  She was having night terrors (only had a handful, but each time it was really unsettling, and she jumped out of the crib a couple of times) so we had to make the change.  We decided to move her to a twin bed, rather than a toddler bed, because she is fairly tall for her age, so she would outgrow a toddler bed quickly, and also I felt like she was somewhat of a picky sleeper so I didn't want her to be used to sleeping in a small toddler bed and then be overwhelmed when we traveled or stayed with grandparents and she had to sleep in a bigger bed.  A full bed would have been nice, but she does a lot of playing in her room and a larger bed would forfeit a good bit of space, so a twin seemed the best choice. We also made a platform bed for her, so there were no box springs making it high and overwhelming.  I think that's a really smart way to go when they are so small, and we did have guard rails for awhile to prevent falls.

Brigette is not quite ready to move out of the crib yet, but our plan is to move her to a toddler bed when she does.  She is a lot more flexible when it comes to sleep than Vivi is, so I feel like this is a good choice for her right now, plus I don't really want to add another twin into Vivi's room to keep a lot of play space available for them.  Also, the one we chose will outlive its use as a toddler bed as a great spot for reading or resting.

What are your thoughts?  I suppose this is on my mind as I'm strategizing making the move with Brigette, so I thought I'd share our thought process!


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