baby room rug options under $500

baby room rugs under $500

Finding the right rug can feel overwhelming, especially when many are so expensive.  Here are a few options under $500 (for the 8' x 10' size!) that will bring a pop of color and life, and would be great in the nursery.  Note these are all flat woven rugs (except the Delaney Rug), so they aren't plushy and cushy.  If you add a rug pad (the retailers offering these rugs have them, and you can also find them at Home Depot and other places as well, available in different thicknesses), it will make them more comfortable, and keep them in place on wooden floors. (Prices listed are for the 8' x 10' size, and while there are a couple slightly over $500, I still thought they were worth including!)

(1) Rainbow Triangles Rug, $329; (2) Desert Mural Rug, $399; (3) Hemp Basketweave Rug, $499; (4) Divisadero Rug, $299; (5) Union Rug, $299; (6) Fair Isle Pink Rug, $500; (7) Remy Metallic Rug, $399; (8) Maze Dhurrie Rug, $299; (9) Delaney Rug, $559; (10) Rags to Riches Rug, $399; (11) Half Stripe Rug, $299; (12) Ripley Kilim Rug, $559


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