the best play mats and baby gyms

the best baby play mats and baby gyms

Have you seen all the adorable options that exist for baby play mats and baby gyms?  I'm so excited that the Land of Nod and others are starting to use their design savvy to create adorable baby gear that I don't mind leaving out and about the house.  They look and feel handcrafted, and are perfectly gender neutral, and just plain beautiful, to be honest.

Below is a roundup of my favorites (including the above play mat that Ellie uses for tummy time!):

(1) Be on the Sea Floor Mat; (2) Love Play Gym;  (3) Busy Baby Activity Chair (I really want to try this one!); (4) Wee Workout Gym (I love the acrylic version, too!) ; (5) Shape Up Play Mat

baby play mats and baby gyms


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