shared big girl room (for three!)

shared big girl room care bears and pastelsWe are going to move Ellie into the big girls' room here soon, and I'm going to change things up a little bit.  We have used the bunk beds, and while I have liked them, I'm also excited for the girls to have their own bed to make up.  It's really hard to do that in the bunk beds (y'all warned me!), so I'm excited to have beds the girls' can keep reasonably neat.  I'm putting shelves over their beds, too, to have a little space to stash special items, and I know Ellie is going to be so excited to move in with her big sisters!

Sources: (1) Perla Chandelier; (2) Care Bear Sheets; (3) Prize Ribbons; (4) LA Map; (5) Yellow Pennant; (6) Acrylic Shelves; (7) Velvet Star Pillows; (8) Bunny Lamp; (9) Pink Care Bear Pillow; (10) Gray Jenny Lind Bed; (11) Mint Nighstand; (12) Blue Care Bear Pillow; (13) Smith Shelves; (14) Gem Mirror; (15) Banana Print; (16) Brass Bow; (17) Heart Sham; (18) Vintage Dresser; (19) Balloon Lamp; (20) Yellow Care Bear Pillow; (21) Cloud Rug; (22) Hippo Hamper; (23) Jenny Lind Toddler Bed; (24) Care Bear Quilt


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