second birthday party

for my little brigette

toddler party

So, my little Brigette turned two on Monday.  We had a little mini party to celebrate on Sunday night, and had over my sister and her family, so we had a small troupe of Brigette, Henry, and Vivi celebrating in our basement.

toddler party ideas

We just painted our basement all white (yay!), which I have been wanting to do for awhile.  It's so white and bright, and was perfect to just let them run around and be crazy.  I cleared out a ton of toys and clutter to have the room painted, and it was nice to have minimal stuff in the way.

toddler birthday party

To make the room more festive, I bought a bunch of balloons, and used some white honeycomb balls, white streamers, and strung some sno cone cups together for more fun.  I got this idea from one of my favorite kid shops, Treehouse (that place is magical!).

toddler birthday party

We re-used the mushrooms from Vivi's party and I cut her name out of gold vinyl for the wall, and also hung up the gold pretzel garland and a couple of other garlands from Christmas.

toddler birthday party

Brigette loves animals.  She loves taking care of all her little stuffed animals, and likes to sleep with about 20 of them in her crib, so I put out my favorite gold giraffes and placed a little vintage deer atop the cake.   I painted up some bears to hang on the wall, which she loved.  She said they were "cute," and the way she says cute is just the cutest.  I wish I could put a little sound clip of it here, because it completely melts me.

For the little place settings, I found some ice cream bubbles from party city (like these, but they were cheaper at the store) to place in the little bowls with wooden name tags.

toddler birthday party

Vivi made it easy on me for the food.  We have this book, which she loves, and in one of the stories, Little Bear wakes up on his birthday and can't find his mother, so he decides to make birthday soup for his friends who are all coming over to celebrate.  She has become taken with the idea that birthday soup is a thing, and so she has been talking about having it for two weeks with "peas and tomatoes, carrots and potatoes" just like the book.  So that is what I did.  My sister brought over yummy corn muffins, we made some grilled cheese sandwiches, and had birthday soup.

toddler party inspiration

I had planned to do a craft; Vivi is really into pirates and treasure hunts right now, so I found some small wooden chests for them to paint, but it was just so absolutely crazy between soup and cake, so that didn't happen.  Vivi and I ended up painting them together the day after the party, which was really just perfect.

Brigie helped sing happy birthday to herself, which is just adorable, and tried her best to blow out the candles, but she needed big sister's help in the end.

toddler birthday party inspiration

toddler birthday party inspiration

After everyone ate too much cake, there was an epic dance party performed by the little people.

toddler birthday party ideas

It was so fun to celebrate my little love.  She's something, that's for sure.  She is calm and steady, confident and certain.  She is living up to her name, which means strength, and it's amazing to get to know her precious little spirit.

Getting a picture of her is nearly impossible.  She is the happiest little thing, but getting her to look at and smile for the camera is just about a lost cause.

Anyway, hope you enjoyed!  I tried to keep this one fairly simple; the decorations are really inexpensive, but add so much!

toddler birthday party ideas



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