little black kitty cat

black and white baby nursery inspirationI've been working on some harvest/halloween projects for a Home Depot style challenge, which I'll admit is a bit out of my element.  I don't typically get super into the fall decor - not that I don't like it, but it just usually sneaks up on me a bit and then before I know it, Christmas is here (favorite!).  Anyway, everything gets a lot more fun when the little ones are into it, so I thought it was a good excuse to deck the house with pumpkins and such - Vivi loves baby pumpkins!  This is sort of a re-visit to this board from last year - it's one of my favorites for whatever reason.

Sources: (1) Notre Monde Pendant Light; (2) Harry Potter Quote; (3) Brass Cat Pair; (4) Lucky Star Banner; (5) Marble Shelf; (6) Feather Poster; (7) Gold Unicorn; (8) Tiny Moon Print; (9) Faceted Pastel Table Lamps; (10) Sequin Cat Pillow; (11) Brimfield Crib; (12) Pom Pom Blackout Drape; (13) Black Forest Crib Sheet; (14) Vintage Black Dresser; (15) The Black Kitty; (16) Glow in the Dark Moon; (17) James Harrison Wing Chair; (18) Checkerboard Rug; (19) Faceted Woodblock Table; (20) La Jolla Pink Basket; (21) Lovely Love My Family


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