DIY Chair Organizer for Back to School

DIY chair organizer for back to school

This is a fun little project I did for the girls' playroom; I thought it would be handy to have some dedicated space for them to stash their notebooks and other treasures.  I remember we had to have these for first grade, I think, so this isn't an original concept, but it's such a simple and easy little project that I thought some of you might be interested!

(pictured above: XO rug; play table; play chairs; llama)

chair organizer for back to school

This little guy just slips easily over the back of a chair, and has a handy pocket for whatever little treasures or homework goodies need to be stashed.

What you will need:

fabric of your choice | scissors | sewing machine or stitch witchery | fabric glue (or you can just stitch the letters without gluing first) | felt 

Click here for the directions and dimensions.  These dimensions work great with this chair, but be sure to measure your chair first to make sure you don't need to make any adjustments.  You can either glue the letters and then stitch them, just stitch them - or just glue them!  Whichever works easiest for you.  I usually just freehand cut the letters, and I think it looks fun and handmade that way.

(pictured above: Mint Metalwork Bookcase; DIY Ballet Barre; DIY Dress Up Rack)

DIY chair organizerYou can get all fancy, and fold under edges and such to make it neater, but I just left it a bit raw as it was a quick little project for the girls.  They love having their own place to put their workbooks, and it makes it easy to know where they are!


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