Tween Girl Gift Guide for Christmas

Tweens can feel hard to shop for, but here is a list of fun, quirky gifts that will feel special and thoughtful. Recently, one of my favorite babysitters brought over her laminating machine, and the girls just went crazy. They had so much fun making bookmarks, pieces of art, cards, whatever! Pair it with a hole puncher, some fun yarn (maybe a pom pom maker for some bookmark tassels?), maybe some fun markers, and they will have fun making little special items to give to friends or to use themselves. Also, how fun is that Harry Potter Sweatshirt set? I'd like it for myself, please. I'm also a big fan of these sticky socks for barre class, and I recently let Vivi borrow a pair, and she loves them. They are super cute, and great for wearing around the house, and the kind of thing that is small, but feels really special. You can never go wrong with a record player - I love this one, and pair it with some of her favorite albums or some really thoughtful vintage vinyl for a memorable gift!


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