christmas gift guide for women

gift guide for yourself or friends

I posted a gift guide for those hard to buy for fellas last Friday, and today's post is about some ideas for yourself (gotta love all the awesome sales this time of year - this one is so good!) or a friend . . . so maybe forward on to those buying something special for you.  I love things that are practical, but with a little bit of something extra to make it feel special.  Like those Converse - comfy to wear to the park with the kids, but with enough bling to make them anything but basic - just like you, mama.

(1) Glow Kit to make you look more awake than you feel;

(2) Daydreamer beanie because you should never stop dreaming, even when you are changing diapers and can't go to the bathroom by yourself;

(3) Neon Hello Sign just for fun;

(4) No Drama Club mug for all you other girl mamas out there;

(5) Sweet Sunglasses to cover up those tired eyes at preschool drop-off;

(6) Fancy Pants Small Purse to throw in the diaper bag and then pull out for date nights (because you have eyes in the back of your head, right?);

(7) Glittery Awesome High Top Converse because you are anything but a basic mom;

(8) Iridescent Record Player to listen to your favorite jams at the end of the day;

(9) Glittery Keds for the same reason as #7;

(10) Travel Kit to remind you that you should take a romantic getaway and not feel bad about it;

(11) Princess phone, because you are a princess, duh;

(12) Available for Weekends travel kit that makes packing fun;

(13) Cutie Pie socks to wear with some fun mary janes to make you feel more like a schoolgirl than a school mom;

(14) Jadeite Mixing Bowls for making your favorite recipe from your grandma with your kids;

(15) Adorable Water Bottle to keep you hydrated;

(16) Cutie Bluetooth Speaker if you aren't into records;

(17) Fluffy slippers for midnight wake-ups;

(18) Cute Backpack that works as an incognito diaper/mom bag;

(19) Buffalo Check Chair that I just love and would be great for the 30 seconds you might get to have a cup of tea alone;

(20) Merci Bag for toting around tiny extra socks, paw patrol underwear, band-aids, diapers, emergency entertainment options for an unexpected eating out situation and all those other momessentials.


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