a gingerbread playhouse

a gingerbread playhouse

gingerbread playhouseThis afternoon, I surprised the girls with a little extra fun playhouse decor, and some special treats for the season.  I did something similar a couple of years ago, and Vivi still brings it up every now and then, hinting that she wants to do it again, so I was happy to make a little magic in the backyard.

gingerbread playhouseI painted gumdrops and candy canes on cardboard and attached them to the playhouse, along with a new sign, and they enjoyed some ambrosia (in little coconuts!) and hot chocolate.  Today was really chilly, so they needed something warm!  I also love their super bright and sunny jackets!

Vivi & Brigie's Jackets (on sale for $23!); Tea Cart; White Christmas Tree; Matching Pajamas (if you need some last minute - they have a great selection and they are cute and inexpensive!); Ornaments; Snow Boots

We also put some coconuts on the tree bedecked with pom poms for a little more "mele kalikimaka" flavor.

It was fun to get bundled up on a chilly day and have a little surprise for the girls outside!

Ellie was napping for most of it, but she joined in at the end.  Getting a picture of all three of them is, well, impossible it seems!

Be sure to check out this ambrosia recipe for some extra fun!


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