Camp JeeJee

shared neutral bedroom

I'm daydreaming about helping my mom with the guest room at her house; with four grandkids, and another on the way, this room gets a lot of love from the kids, and needs a little help to be more kid-friendly.  (Although not in the toy department; she has kept almost every treasure from my childhood, and it's like stepping back in time whenever we visit!)  This idea is inspired by my bedroom as a kid, which had dark green carpet (that I loved!), yellow walls, orange curtains, a charlie brown bedspread, and a large plush rainbow on the wall.  Since cousin Henry would be using the space, this is perfectly neutral, but with lots of fun details.  Hopefully I can get around to making it happen this summer! (Photos are vintage of my mom/JeeJee!)

(1) Pendant Light; (2) 4H Pennant; (3) Pride & Prejudice Print; (4) 4H Ribbon; (5) Butterfly Pillow; (6) Pom Pom Pillow; (7) To Be Young & Free; (8) Rainbow Pillow; (9) Orange Triangle Sheets; (10) Yellow Jenny Lind Beds; (11) Jenny Lind Nightstand; (12) Walnut Lamp; (13) Duvet Cover; (14) Vintage Paint by Number; (15) Patina Rug; (16) Campaign Bookcase; (17) Rattan Chair; (18) Stripe Bins; (19) Record Player; (20) Jenny Lind Dresser; (21) Mirror


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