be brave and courageous

be brave art

Recently, I had the awesome opportunity to work on a nursery with a friend and the Land of Nod (can't wait to share more!) and it was such a good experience.  It was honestly a reminder of why I do what I do here.  It is easy to lose focus after you do something for awhile, to forget why it is meaningful, especially in this world that can become so over-commercialized.  I started this blog to serve as inspiration and encouragement to new (or newer) mamas in this rewarding, joyous, but also challenging journey.  Our homes are the places where so much learning, loving, and living happens, and it's valuable to make it a welcoming and happy place.  It's a good thing to put on our walls reminders of our heritage, our standards, and what is important to us as a family.

Keri has three precious little ones, and has had a bit of a crazy year, full of blessings but also unexpected difficulty.  She wrote me the kindest thank you note, saying of the banner (above) that is now hanging above Timothy's crib that "each day I pull my most precious son from his crib, I will remember to be a brave and courageous mama . . ." and that is exactly what this is all about.

So, I just wanted to let you know I've added it to my society6 shop here - some of you were interested after I posted it on instagram, so I wanted to make it available.  The words are from Psalm 27:14.  May we all be brave and courageous mamas as we shepherd our little ones and watch our families grow, and may our little ones grow to be brave and courageous, too!


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