gift guide for babies & little girls

gift ideas for little girls

If you are still looking for some fun gift ideas, here are a few for little girls and babies . . . from small to splurge!  That animal book is pretty much my favorite, and I love love that wooden play food!

(1) Tutu Book; (2) Siamese Cat Necklace; (3) Fox Purse; (4) Cheetah Necklace; (5) Winged Hat; (6) Pineapple Night Light (the girls love this - we even travel with it!!); (7) A Frame Dollhouse (can I move in?); (8) Cactus Night Light; (9) Pioneer Truck; (10) MyLand Horse; (11) Sneaky Snacky Squirrel (love this game!); (12) Cactus Stacking Game; (13) Play Stable; (14) Play food; (15) Play Kitchen; (16) Pink Guitar; (17) Animal Book (I love this book!!! It's HUGE and the pictures are beautiful - they make great posters or are fun to try to draw); (18) Microscope

gift ideas for babies

(1) Baby Book; (2) Unicorn booties; (3) Velveteen Bear; (4) The Places You'll Go; (5) Sensory Toys; (6) Carrot Rattle; (7) Stacking Pattern Toy; (8) Radish Rattle; (9) Bath Toy; (10) Airplane Ride-on; (11) Piggy Rocker; (12) Cat Pull Toy; (13) Wheely Bug; (14) Bunny Pull Toy; (15) Van Push Cart; (16) Hammer Balls; (17) Rainbow Bunny; (18) Norse Horse; (19) Puppy Push Toy; (20) Knit Ball


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