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baby registry baby listAre you working on your baby registry?  If so, you should check into BabyList!  It's a fantastic registry option where you can add anything at all (from services such as house cleaning, necessities like diapers, or my favorite: vintage or handmade goodness from smaller shops or etsy!).  It's great that you aren't limited to bigger box retailers, which means you can register for items that you truly love.  It's also awesome that you can support other moms running small businesses (like several of those pictured above!) and friends and family can appreciate purchasing items that are unique, special, and what you really want for your little one.  BabyList also has a checklist you can fill out based on your preferences, and they will send you a customized registry list to start (so helpful!!), and there are also several registries created by experts and others to get you started as well.   Lastly, want to know my absolute favorite baby item?  My Ergo.  I didn't have it with Vivi, but I use it all the time with Brigette, and I'll be really sad when she outgrows it.  Can't say enough good things about having a baby carrier - especially when it's your second!

(Thank you so much to Baby List for sponsoring this post, and for the awesome service they are providing.)


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