to the new lay baby lay!

Hey everyone!  Welcome to the new site!   I'm so excited to finally have it launched, after working on it for over a year now.  Our goal was to make the content really shine, as well as make it much easier to search and navigate (and we have fun plans for an app and future updates to continue moving in that direction!).  Really quickly, here are the details about the navigation:

navigationTo move through posts: Click on the arrows to the right.  It sort of works like a magazine!  On mobile, just swipe.

To connect via social media: Click the menu button.

To search: Click the magnifying glass.  I'm most excited about this function.  I am continually adding products from all the style boards (quite a project, since there are over 200 style boards on Lay Baby Lay!) so  the catalog will continue to grow.  I am hoping this will make it even easier to search through this curated catalog to find just the inspiration you need.  You can search by style board, product type, and color so you can quickly scroll through options.  When you click on a product, it will bring up a small window with more details, and you can click there to purchase it or find out more.

And the best part: From now on, the style boards will be directly clickable!  Click through to the next post to experience it.  When you scroll over products, you can click on them directly.  On mobile, you just tap the products.  I'm working on continuing to get all past boards tagged correctly, but it will take time.  Moving forward, this will be the case, but to find links on past boards, just click the board, and you will see the links appear to the right.

I am sure there will be some bugs.  This site has so many details, and we have tried our very best to address all the issues to make it a great experience, but please comment if you find things that aren't working for you. We want to make it perfect, and we want  you to love it!

Come back tomorrow for pictures from Brigie's first birthday party!   Here is a little sneak peak (thanks, Sara!):



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