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I hope you will excuse the length of this post, but I couldn't stop adding in pictures!  Vivi was so fun to photograph.  She really loves her new kitchen.  I was a little worried before making it that she might not be able to enjoy it yet, but I took a trip to the Pottery Barn Kids store with her to let her check out their version, and it was hard to pull her away.  Since I knew it was just the right size, we based all the dimensions off of it (which can be found on their website!).  I was also inspired another DIY play kitchen, which I thought was really nice with clean lines and simple shapes.  We made this one from scratch (and when I say we, I mean I sent a drawing with dimensions to Vivi's Grandpa, who fabricated it for me, and then I painted and embellished it).  I used the blue paint from leftover nursery paint (Valspar Aqua Glow) along with some light pink I had on hand for the knobs, and then chalkboard paint for the refrigerator door.  The knobs and handles were found at Home Depot, the sink is an old enamelware bowl I found at an antique market, and I added gold circles a la Oh Joy and Martha Stewart (#21 on that gallery & here is a link to gold contact paper for those of you looking!) for a little glam.  I know the play kitchens have been all over the internets for awhile, but I don't think they will ever get old for little girls!  Hope you enjoy the Vivi guided tour!

**updated: Several of you have asked about the gold contact paper.  I actually used gold foil vinyl, but I did a quick search and found this contact paper that should work well.  The vinyl is much more expensive and a little trickier if you haven't used it before.  (It's probably closer to this, which has a very high gloss metallic finish.)   Also, as to the cost of the kitchen, it ended up being close to $200.  However, I didn't buy any paint, as I already had that on hand, and I already had the gold vinyl, so that can contribute to the cost if you need to purchase those items.  Hope that helps!


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